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Automatically move products between Shipping Profiles in Shopify


What are Shipping Profiles in Shopify and Why Do We Need Them?

Shipping profiles in Shopify are a crucial tool in managing the shipping process. They enable you to set distinct shipping rates for different products based on factors like size, weight, location, and more. These profiles provide flexibility and control over how much you charge customers for shipping, making it a vital component of your pricing and delivery strategy.

The Current Manual Process of Assigning Products and Its Drawbacks

Currently, Shopify users have to manually assign each product to a shipping profile—a process that's time-consuming and prone to human error. Particularly for businesses with a large catalogue or frequent inventory changes, this process becomes tedious and inefficient. It detracts from valuable time that could be spent on growth and strategy, making it a pain point for many store owners.

Streamline Your Process with Auto Shipping Profile: Shipr

Our app, Auto Shipping Profile: Shipr, revolutionizes this process. Shipr allows you to create custom rules based on product attributes—like tags, vendor, type, title, price, inventory count, SKU, and variant options. When products match these rules, they're automatically assigned to the corresponding shipping profile. It's an efficient, error-free solution designed to save time and effort.

Let's look at some sample scenarios.

Scenario 1: Different Shipping Rates for In-Stock and Pre-Order Products

Let's say you want to charge different shipping rates for in-stock and pre-order products. You have two profiles: one for in-stock items and another for pre-order products. Manually moving items between these profiles as stock changes can be a nightmare. But with Shipr, you can set a rule based on inventory count. As inventory updates, Shipr ensures your products are always in the correct shipping profile. Here's how you can create the rule in Shipr.

  1. In-stock products
Rule for assigning in-stock products to in-stock shipping profile
  1. Pre-order products
Rule for assigning pre-order products to pre-order shipping profile

Scenario 2: Vendor-Specific Shipping Rates

Imagine dealing with ten different vendors, each having their own shipping rates and hence their own different shipping profile. Again, Shipr comes to the rescue. Set rules based on the vendor attribute and, voilà, whenever new products are added, they are automatically assigned to the right profile.

Rule for assigning vendor-specific products to vendor-specific shipping profiles

In conclusion, our app, Auto Shipping Profile: Shipr, simplifies the task of assigning products to shipping profiles in Shopify. It saves you time, minimizes errors, and makes shipping management in your Shopify store a breeze.

Take back your time and let Shipr handle the heavy lifting of shipping profiles. Welcome to a new era of Shopify management!

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